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Looking for a conference room rental for your next meeting or event? If so, there are a few key things you must know before you begin the search.


To start, it’s crucially important to determine how many attendees you expect to attend your conference. For many, coming up with an exact number can be difficult to pin down before an event is planned, so a ballpark number should suffice to get you started. As you analyze numbers, consider your attendees, staff, speakers, sponsors, and any others you plan to attend.


Once you have a ballpark number of attendees, it’s important to think through the space & layout.   Will you need just one large room for general session, or several smaller rooms for breakouts? Or both? You want to ensure that every attendee will benefit from the size, set-up, and flow of the conference rooms you rent. Thinking through the content presentation, the learning style of attendees, and food and beverage plans, will help narrow down your targeted layout.


After dialing in your attendees and layout, the next decision made in the conference room rental process is determining when you need the room(s) and for how long. Develop a basic agenda for your conference and write down your expectations for when the space will be available for each day. Make sure to factor in the set-up and tear down times, meals, and breaks. If your event is more than one day, you may need a 24-hour hold in order to keep your set-up while your event is inactive to prevent having to set-up every day. The amount of time that you need your conference room rental is an important piece of your conference and will be negotiated into the contract.


Now that we have the basic requirements out of the way, let’s look at the main question many of you are asking; what do conference room rentals cost? Thankfully there are a couple methods of pricing and depending on your overall needs for the event, the strategy chosen could greatly impact the amount of money you need to spend to rent the space.

You can either choose to pay for the conference room rental outright, or if you are providing food and drink to attendees and agreeing to a room block commitment, hotels often waive the room rental fee so long as your group meets the minimum food and beverage and hotel night commitment.  If your attendees are staying at the hotel, and you are planning on meals during the conference, then its best to contract for a corresponding block of hotel rooms. The hotel block provides great value to your attendees, as it gives them a fixed room night rate for the hotel and ensures availability, even if the hotel fills up. The room block also can give you greater negotiating power for other items, like AV, resort fees, etc..


After determining what you need in a conference room rental, the SweetPea™ team can help find a property that meets your needs and requirements. Our site selection and contracting is a FREE service. All you need to do is tell us your desired location, dates, number of attendees, required conference rooms, basic agenda, and food & beverage requirements.   After we receive your request, we will send RFP’s to hotels and provide you with a detailed report to compare properties.


After SweetPea™ provides you with a property comparison report, and you narrow down your decision, it might be valuable to see the property in person and do a site visit. This might not be necessary for a small conference, but for a large conference there can be great value in seeing the space in person. You will also be able to get a sense of the level of service by visiting the site. Seeing the property with your own eyes will lead to a confident, informed decision.


After you have done a site visit and chosen the best space for your conference, it’s time to start contracting. This step can be a long and tedious process, but SweetPea™ offers as a FREE Service. We fight for the best negotiated contract for your conference room rental.


The process of conference room rentals can be complicated, costly, and stressful if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the tedious process. The SweetPea™ team of experts can help you meet your goals for your conference and help you throughout the complexity. Let us help save you time and money on your next conference.