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Corporate conferences or meetings can often be drab and forgettable. If you want to improve your event and add some design, consider setting a conference theme. A theme that accurately reflects your brand and helps make the event more memorable for attendees can be difficult to pin down. Here are some things to consider when coming up with conference theme ideas.


You must consider why you’re hosting your event and what you want everybody to get out of it. Are you trying to gain new customers? Training your existing employees? Promoting a new product or idea? Once you figure out the “why” of your meeting, you can start to dial in the desired experience.


The most important aspect of any meeting is the attendees. The demographics of your audience can make a huge difference when deciding on theme.  Will the attendees be older adults, or younger millennials? Are families attending with attendees, maybe staying at the hotel for a vacation? Are they employees, clients, customers, or potential prospects? Where are they from? What are their lifestyles? What kind of emotions do you want to evoke from them?


When brainstorming a theme, it’s important to decide what style or vibe you want to portray to your attendees. Do you want the event to feel luxurious or low key? Classy or casual? Are you seeking excitement and high energy throughout or are you focused on training and information?

Another way to develop a theme is by utilizing your surroundings. Where are you located? What is the local culture where your meeting is being held? Southern California has a very different vibe then New York, so consider tapping into a similar attitude. If your conference is located internationally, using aspects of the areas’ culture and traditions in your theme can be a good way to introduce attendees to a new place.


When planning a conference, venue is often determined first, contracting the hotel well in advance of the planning phase. If not yet contracted and you are thinking through a theme consider how the venue will affect the potential theme. It is difficult to portray a luxury, high end theme for an executive retreat, when you are booked at a Super 8, airport hotel.  Make sure your venue fits the theme you are considering.

If your venue is set, you can enforce your theme through decorations, furniture, lighting, food, and entertainment. Also, utilizing multiple rooms of different sizes throughout your meeting can allow for different settings to drive home various aspects of your theme as well as energize your attendees as they move around throughout the conference.


Your meeting or conference theme is an important reflection of your events goals and objectives and SweetPea™ can help you determine the best strategy for your event. The conference theme can be a reinforcement of everything that you want your attendees to take away from the event and can make the difference between one-time attendees and annual attendees. A successful theme implemented throughout your meeting can turn a once plain event into one that is memorable and effective for every person who walks through the door.