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Successful corporate evening planning is an important skill needed for corporations or firms who want to increase employee engagement, retention and grow their customer base. Whether an event is tailored for internal staff, or external clients and attendees, the event needs to be planned and executed without a hitch. A corporate event can be a key tool to an overall growth strategy and keeping employees happy.

While many might think of corporate events as boring or not as glamorous as other types of events, they really run the gamut of what they might entail and the possibilities are endless. Corporate events might include conferences, seminars, team building events, corporate trainings, corporate parties, executive retreats and incentive trips. Of course some of these might seem less exciting than others, but they can all offer invaluable training and resources to employees, clients, and attendees.


Corporate events often focus on education, training, team building or incentives. As a result, a different focus requires a different strategy and it can often be difficult to determine the best strategy to achieve your desired goals. When planning a new corporate event, it is important that before you begin, you consider your overall event strategy & goals, budget, timeline, and possible location. A solid foundation to get you started is key to your event success and will help reduce headaches down the road.


A concern we often see with corporate event planning, are organizations that are not big enough to have their own internal event staff so they decide to delegate the research and planning to the CEO’s admin or similar administrative role. We hear many stories of an admin who says something like, well my boss told me to find a property and get quotes for the meeting and I don’t know where to start. I don’t know anything about this process. If this sounds or feels familiar, then let the SweetPea™ Meetings team help. Feel free to call us for a complimentary, no risk, consultation, to see how we can help take the stress off of you.


For your corporate event location, you know what they say: location, location, location! Where a corporate event is held can be vital to the success of the event. The venue must be accommodating to the number of attendees, number of functions, and themes of the experience. If your event is a team-building meeting, you might consider a venue in a location that offers opportunities to do active team building adventure. If the event is an incentive trip rewarding employees for achievements, the destination should be an exciting vacation spot. Omaha in January doesn’t quite fit the bill to incentivize your sales stars, think Cabo San Lucas, Vail, or Florida.

Another consideration is the location of your attendees. Are they spread out across the country or all in one area? Should the event be held in a central area or switch off sides of the country each year? Furthermore, if your event is a conference, meeting, corporate training, or something similar, a hotel with rooms that your attendees can stay in is a great way to keep attendees on-site and mingling. If you need assistance finding the perfect place to host your corporate event, SweetPea™ Meetings & Events offers FREE site selection, venue sourcing, and contracting!


One of corporate event planner’s main goals is to stay within their client’s budget. Expenses involved in a corporate event can include F&B, A/V, signage, nametags, swag, rooming, etc… The price tag of a corporate event can add up quick, especially if your event includes speakers for which you cover travel and rooming. A couple options to mitigate these costs is to bring in outside sponsors or charge registration fees. This income should pay for the event and leave you at the end with some extra in your pocket. We can recommend best practices and ways to help increase your bottom line.


Another key to planning the best corporate event possible is a clear timeline and clear communication between the team. Teams can consist of just the team of people hosting the event but it is helpful to have an outside event planner— who knows the ins and outs of the process. We recommend, the planning timeline begin at least one year out with the team determining focus and goals of the event as well as choosing a venue and beginning negotiation and contracting. In the year leading up, teams must: develop a budget; market the event; acquire sponsors, attendees and speakers; contract with vendors that provide services such as food and beverage, A/V, signage and nametags; and develop and finalize an agenda. And while this timeline is basic, SweetPea™ Meetings can help fill in the gaps to make it realistic.

Corporate events can be an essential part to company’s growth or sustainability. They can help attract new clients, maintain employee satisfaction, and further attendee education. However, corporate event planning is very involved and hiring an outside event planner to aid your team can ensure that your event is a well-oiled machine. If planning a new corporate event seems overwhelming, let us help. The SweetPea™ Meetings Team is highly skilled at corporate event planning. We have helped numerous clients source, plan, and execute and meet their event goals. Whether you need help from initial strategy, or only on the sourcing, or planning, we can jump in wherever you need.