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The job of an event planner can be very stressful and requires incredible multi-tasking and organization. Thankfully with all of today’s technology, there are great event planning tools to help planners stay organized, communicate efficiently with the team, and provide information quickly to attendees . The following are a few valuable event planning tools the SweetPea™ team often uses with our events:


Slack is a collaboration tool that allows messaging between co-workers and through group threads. It is an easy and efficient way to create constant communication between teams and can be used via App, downloaded to desktop, or online. In Slack, planners can create different channels within one thread so that teams can differentiate between communications regarding things such as sponsors, speakers, and registration. Slack also lets team members communicate in private messages to each other as well as “mention” them within the group thread to get each other’s attention to a certain message or file shared. Slack is ideal for teams wanting to move away from traditional email communication and into a more advanced platform.


Wunderlist is the ultimate to do list management tool for event planners, allowing users to create task lists with reminders and communicate between team members.   It can be accessed via App download, online, or even on your Apple Watch. If you need help keeping track of items you need to get done, Wunderlist is a great solution.


Evernote helps planners stay organized. Available on desktop and mobile devices, the tool allows for the seamless delegation and execution of tasks – something that is vital for event planners. The app works as an information filing system in your phone. Planners can organize venue research notes, coordinate travel itineraries, and efficiently share notes with colleagues or team members. Additionally, the app can be synced across many devices, making information and files accessible no matter what device the event planner is utilizing.


Attendify allows you to create a custom app for your attendees to use on site at your event. Attendees can view your event map, agenda, speaker list, and register for your next event. In addition, you can conduct live polls, push notifications of changes, and provide detailed info on your sponsors. It’s a great tool if you need a custom event app for attendees, but pricing ranges from $1000 starting to $3000+


eventScribe is one of many conference & meeting management platforms available today to help planners manage the tech of hosting an event.   Everything from website with registration function, to custom event app for attendees can be managed in the tool. On site attendees can view the agenda, choose sessions and then take notes directly on the app. Planners can create a social media platform for the event, complete live audience polling, and allow attendees to post questions and share notes with other attendees.  While it is very convenient for planners to have everything in a single tech platform, these aren’t for the budget conscious.

SweetPea™ Meetings & Events

If you need a custom event website, with registration & payment function, SweetPea™ can develop a site for you for a onetime fee. The other “conference website” platforms allow you to use their tech & platform for free, but then charge an expensive fee per registration, often taking significant revenue away from your meeting.


A successful event is only possible with detailed planning, communication, and timeline management, and adding the proper event planning tools to your arsenal will certainly help plan and run a successful event. If you aren’t sure what route to go, please reach out to us. SweetPea™ often helps client determine what tools would be a great fit for their event needs.